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Introduction of Y Corporate Group

The Y Corporate Group consist of 6 companies which major activities are livestock wholesale (Y Pulyka Ltd. and DDB Team Ltd.) feed production (Y Takarmányipari Ltd.) poultry farming (Bozsánovics Ltd.) and chicken slaughter (Mecsek Baromfi Ltd.). Y Irodaház Ltd. is also a member of our corporation. It accomplishes full general book keeping – supervised by an auditor – for all of the above-mentioned companies and it also fulfills administrative tasks in our headquarter in Sásd. In our 30 years of existence we have gained professional prestige and we have an excellent reputation nation-wide. We are in contact with about 80 manufacturers. We supply our partners with baby chicks (age 1-10 days) and young chickens (age up to 21 days) from a reliable source. We ensure excellent quality by using antibiotic-free and fully vegetarian feed produced in our own plant. We produce the feed in our feed-mill based in Mágocs, yearly we produce more than 85.000 tons of chickens, turkeys and pigs in a number of stages. Everything we need for production we purchase from farmers and firms, keeping in mind our most important motto: „To produce quality feed you need excellent ingredients”.

Beyond contract farming we are also engaged in poultry farming (yearly 450.000 turkey and 1 million chicken). It is managed by Bozsánovics Ltd., the chicken and turkey farming take place on 11 premises, 7 of them is our own and 4 of them are leased.

To fully satisfy marketplace needs we require skilled staff with both physical and intellectual professional knowledge. To gain and maintain a high level of knowledge, it is essential for our colleagues to take part in ongoing professional events, forums, further trainings and international conferences. We have approximately 250 hard-working colleagues available to look after our customers in every areas.


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Lajos Horváth
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Réka Horváth