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In the introduction to the Y Corporate Group we mentioned broiler chicken farming and contract farming. In order to ensure the production chain we do not only supply other poultry processor plants, a significant proportion of the produced chicken goes to the private-owned Mecsek Baromfi Ltd. based at Alsómocsolád. We process about third of the produced broilers in our own slaughterhouse. Our earlier manual processing (handmade manufacturing) plant with a 20-year history was located in the middle of Mágocs city, so further expansion and growth were not possible there. At the end of this era, the owners have decided that a green field investment would be made on the property in the outskirts between 2 settlements (Mágocs and Alsómocsolád, which has a combined area of ​​almost 13 hectares), which is perfectly suitable for environmental protection, animal welfare and hygiene aspects and which also has the potential for large-scale operations. Thus our new, fully mechanized plant (as Mecsek Baromfi Ltd.) was established.

This investment provided the opportunity for a great development both in terms of volume and quality as well. The new plant – after obtaining the necessary licences – began operations in the spring of 2021. With our continuous work and development, we want to be able to serve our Customers with our high-quality products in Hungary and internationally, and to achieve a significant market position and a good reputation. We transfer some of our processed products to our Customers and to our poultry shops with our own vehicles.


Lajos Horváth

Managing Director


+36 72 475 184

Szabolcs Horváth

Managing Director


+36 72 475 579

Norbert Keller

Production Manager


+36 30 091 8529

Farkas Dóra
Dóra Farkas

Trading Manager


+36 30 221 2935

Eszter Csongrádiné Szabó

Office Manager


+36 30 249 3730

Ropoli Krisztián

Technical Manager


+36 30 255 9648

László Csősz

HR Manager


+36 30 650 0747

Barbara Drigán

Production Manager


+36 30 130 4145

Pap Ferenc TMK

Technical Maintenance manager


+36 30 618 2791

Lajos Nagy

Warehouse Manager


+36 30 266 9969

Anikó Kovácsné Rózsa

Evisceration Team Manager


+36 20 598 9045

Cutting Team Manager


+36 30 813 3664

Mészáros Krisztián

Packaging Team Manager


+36 30 813 3672

Orsós Zoltán

Wrapping Warehouse Manager


+36 30 155 9668

Apáti Andrea
Andrea Apáti

Hygiene Team Manager


+36 30 019 4261

Administrative Team member


+36 30 411 0434

Bernadett Forgácsné Keszler

Administrative Team member


+36 30 135 0288

Eszter Szalai

Administrative Team member


+36 30 411 0434

Bor-Panta Kriszta

Purchaser Team member


+36 30 393 7773

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