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In the introduction to the Y Corporate Group we mentioned broiler chicken farming and contract farming. In order to ensure the production chain we do not only supply other poultry processor plants, a significant proportion of the produced chicken goes to the private-owned Baribár Ltd. based in Mágocs. We process about third of the produced broilers in our own slaughterhouse. Handmade meat products guarantee the excellent quality to consumers. We also introduced ISO 22000 quality assurance systems in 2018 to maximalize the traceability.

We are constantly improving our work to achieve a good reputation and position that is significant in the Hungarian market and on the international stage. We transfer some of our processed products to our customers and to our poultry shops with our own vehicles.


Lajos Horváth
Sacha Kroll




Eszter Csongrádiné Szabó

Office manager



Anikó R. Kovács

Plant manager


Plant manager


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