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Carrying out the growing invoicing, accounting and administration tasks of our dynamically developing group of companies required the expansion of the intellectual workforce. As a result, we built an office building in Sásd that fully meets the technical and aesthetic needs of the time, which includes 12 offices, archives, dining and social rooms, covered parking lots, and garages.

Thanks to the modern use of materials and the most modern mechanical solutions, the building can be considered a passive house, thus electricity and gas are supplied by solar panels placed on top of the parking bays. Our pharmaceutical warehouse is located behind the office building, the existence of which enables fast and up-to-date service for our partners. The initial cost of the entire investment is approx. It was HUF 270 million, the company group will continue its work at its new headquarters from the first half of 2017.


Nagy-Mélykuti Ákos
Ákos Nagy-Mélykuti

Chief Financial Officer


+36 20 446 6139

Judit Varsányi-Juhász

Accounting Manager


+36 20 380 3455

Zoltán Szabó

Financial and Controlling Manager


+36 20 366 6995

László Vörös

Chief accountant


+36 20 380 3455

Barbara Kövécs-Hosszu

Chief accountant


+36 20 380 3455

Nikolett Ferencz

Financial Team member


+36 20 429 9881

Andrea Sárdiné Ambrus

Administrative Team member (chicken settlements)


+36 20 215 1008

Veronika Deák

Administrative Team member (turkey settlements)


+36 20 215 1008

Anita Andrasek

Administrative Team member


+36 20 429 9892

Judit Héder

Administrative Team member


+36 72 475 579

Orsolya Madarász

Executive assistant


+36 72 475 733

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