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Our farming firm is Bozsánovics Ltd. which complete the integrations. Their activities are turkey farming and broiler chicken farming on their own and leased
premises. Altogether livestock are kept on 11 sites, 7 of them are owned by us, 4 of them are leased. Our caretaker colleagues are responsible for the quality of the feeding 24 hours of the day. Our farm managers ensure that all requirements related to animal welfare and hygiene are fulfilled. They supervise health and safety and the implementation of fire protection regulations,

inspect and supervise the everyday tasks, and take part in the work around the farm (welcoming chicks and pre-reared turkeys, managing transportation to the slaughterhouse, continuous monitoring of the feed supply). In total, the two firms produce almost half a million pre-reared turkeys annually, and the farms dealing with livestock provide about 450.000  pcs turkey and cca. 1 million pcs broiler chicken to our slaughterhouse Partners.

Our colleagues

Simonics Péter
Péter Simonics

Farm manager


+36 20 429 9883

Greiner József
József Greiner

Farm manager


+36 20 437 6616

Czinder Zsolt
Zsolt Czinder

Farm manager


+36 20 852 3402

Balogh Benjámin
Benjámin Balogh

Farm manager


+36 30 267 4394

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