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Like contract turkey farming is pivotal for Y Pulyka Ltd., DDP Team Ltd. is the leader in contract broiler chicken farming. Meeting growing needs the company was established in April 1999, also headquartered in Sásd. DDP Team Ltd. provides baby chick livestock from approved hatchers for its partners. Our experts –by regularly consulting and controlling the hatchers – make sure we meet quality assurance criteria that get stricter day by day.

Of course, the previously introduced Y Pulyka Ltd. supplies the feed with a unique receipt which is necessary for the quality work. On an annual basis, through their 36 partners they provide about 4 million excellent quality broiler chickens to the poultry plants they are in contract with. They guarantee excellent slaughter material for domestic processing partners while meeting every criterion in all areas of farming.


Pető Balázs
Balázs Pető

Production Mananger


+36 30 266 9776

Simonics Alajos
Alajos Simonics

Production Mananger – chicken


+36 20 429 9882

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